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Car & Driver Albania/Balkans

We offer car & driver for multi-day trips traveling to Albania, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Montenegro.


Car and driver service is offered only in case of at least 5 consecutive days of service. For other options, please read the transfers page.

Rent a car with a driver and travel in the comfort of a private vehicle and the safety of an experienced driver who will be your assistant while traveling through the Balkans.


We offer different types of vehicles, depending on the group size and your requirements. The itinerary should be given to us when you request the vehicle.


What is included in the price?

• Cost for a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle
• Third-Party Insurance

• LDW - Loss Damage Waiver - insurance

• International insurance
• The pay for an experienced driver and its taxes

  Driver’s working hours are limited by law to 8 hours per day

  including 2*30 minutes break

• Unlimited mileage within the agreed itinerary

• PAI (Personal Accident Insurance in Albania only)
• Baggage assistance
• All taxes and fees


What is not included in the price?

• Meals and overnight accommodations for the driver
• Fuel for the vehicle, road tolls, bridge and or tunnel fees, ferry tickets,

   parking fees, services, border crossing costs, etc    
• What is not mentioned in “Included in the price.”

How much does it cost?

Considering all the factors above, the itinerary and the traveling season,


• 150 EUR a day for an economy car - up to three passengers 

• 200 EUR a day for a medium or full-size sedan - up to three or four passengers

• 250 - 300 EUR a day for an SUV

• 270 - 350 EUR a day for a minivan ( up to 7 pax)

400 - 470 EUR a day for a minivan ( up to 10 pax)

450 - 520 EUR a day for a minivan (up to 15 pax)

• 450 - 500 EUR a day for an Off-Road


The final price will be determined considering the above costs, the traveling season, the itinerary complexity, and/or a multi-country itinerary.

What is the MINIMUM Price?

The MINIMUM price is referred to as a low traveling season and not that complex itinerary.


What if our budget falls under the MINIMUM Price?

We are not able to assist you.

What is a "Complex Itinerary"?

The difficulty, distances, and the number of countries included in the itinerary.

Is the service guaranteed if I accept the offer but not booked yet?

NO. After we sent the offer, you need to accept, book, and pay the amount. 

No service is guaranteed even after sending an offer if you haven't booked and paid for the service. The service is guaranteed after the booking.

Do you offer this service to travel agents with any discount?

NO. They will be the same as other passengers. 

Can we have an economy car despite the itinerary?

NO. The economy car can be used in Tirana, Durres, Berat, Kruje, Shkoder, Vlore, Fier. If you are traveling along the coast or down south or north Albania, you will have a midsize sedan.

If traveling in other places that are not paved, you will need an off-road vehicle.


Insurance policies.

How many people are allowed to travel in a sedan?

The maximum number of people to travel in the sedan is three passengers.

What if we are four passengers?

You need a bigger vehicle.

Why this restriction?

Insurance companies won't insure for the trip if four people are in a small/medium sedan.

Do I need to fill the form below to request the service from you?

Yes. You need to fill all fields in the form. If your budget falls out of the minimum price, we cannot cover the costs. Therefore, we won't be able to assist you.

Are the drivers licensed?

Yes, they are professional licensed drivers.

What do passengers need to know?

You need to book the car and driver in advance, due to the possibility of a low number of drivers available for your travel dates.

The vehicle will be provided according to the availability at the time you will book the vehicle.

We will try to arrange for a driver in the foreign language you require, but it will depend on the driver's availability when you start using the vehicle.

Our drivers are very familiar with your itinerary, the hotels, the restaurants, and visiting sites, but they are not licensed tour guides; therefore, they will not guide you.

It would be best if you gave us as much info as possible regarding the itinerary of your tour when booking the vehicle so that we can calculate the exact cost of the tour in advance.

You can not change the itinerary while on tour without written permission (via email) from Apollon Tours.

The vehicles can’t be used for off-road itineraries but only roads marked in the official maps or GPS unless you have requested an off-road vehicle.

Special Arrangements are required when we have to pick you up or drop you off:
• in a different country, other than Albania.
• at Tirana International Airport.
• at a harbor or a border (Durres, Vlore, Sarande, etc.)
• at a border crossing point, so we need to know that in advance.


 What is a Special Arrangement?

A Special Arrangement is related to all costs related to the above pick-up and/or drop off.

Our driver will always drive the car, and you are not allowed to drive the rented vehicle unless otherwise agreed when booking the service.

A rental contract will be given to you when booking the service, and all the requested information is provided to the tour operator.
If you fail to provide the requested information, no contract will be issued.

You should read and agree to the terms and conditions of the service as written in the contract to book the service.

A nonrefundable deposit is required to confirm your service reservation. The deposit is 30% of the total value if booking 60 days or more from the travel date. Otherwise, if you are booking less than 60 days from the travel date, the whole amount is due on the booking date. 

Once our bank clears the payment, we will send you the receipt of the funds and the contract if you provide all the requested information.


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