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Julie Carr australia
Julie Carr and Michael Price Perth, Western Australia,  Australia

Julie Carr and Michael Price from Perth, Australia 

the only deceitful and the most faceless people we have ever seen in 40 years.......

This page is created with the only purpose to inform whoever comes to read her review about us and will be updated soon with all the details so that we hope agencies that will serve them in the future will already know who they are. 


We have never thought we could have built such a webpage, but we build this page after some threatening emails from the above individuals.


    We could be silent and respond softly. Still, our hard work and principles are worth far more than a soft response, even if they will continue to write under multiple accounts in TripAdvisor, Facebook, or elsewhere!!    


It is chilling and frightening to just thinking that a black-hearted woman and unhappy with her life can try to damage your reputation build by working honestly and professionally. Her review is nothing but an immoral lie, far from the truth. It is just a primitive behavior. We have talked to many Australian guests we had after them, and they just suggested to ignore them and that they do not represent the normal civilized Australian citizen. 

This page is dedicated to the most negative experience we have ever had in more than four decades, serving people worldwide. We have never seen, nor have ever heard from other agencies of such a  ridiculously malicious and vicious behavior. 

We have served so many Australian people for many years now. I can say they are wonderful and respectful people, and we will continue to serve as many as we can without identifying them with Julie Carr and Michael Price from Perth, Australia.

On this page, we will reveal the history of the above individuals who have caused us a lot of trouble just because they wanted to steal from us. No, Julie Carr, you cannot steal from us and NO, you cannot damage our name, on the contrary!! ...and NO, Julie Carr we are not afraid of your lies. And yes Julie Carr, you can continue calling your husband a donkey, because he cannot call a local guide a "bogan". The bogan is all way around to you and your most isolated place on earth.  

This story started when Julie Carr emailed us asking for ideas on how to build their trip but refused to comply with our terms which lead us to believe they just wanted to make use of our intellectual property, the itinerary, and not buy a service from us. After some email exchange with our tour manager, she wrote she decided to look elsewhere, at least she said so, but later we were contacted by a travel agent from Sydney asking if we could put together an itinerary for two of his clients. We are not sure whether the agent is legit or it is still her on a different email. We did so and concluded with him in a very professional manner, but we were very stunned to see his clients were Julie Carr and Michael Price from Perth, Australia, the ones who walked away but returned back again through a travel agent. Now we deeply understand they wanted to put us under pressure first but it didn't work for them so they returned to us through a travel agent.

We will start with a day by day activities now and let you know that we cannot afford the negative review not being answered so will tell everyone at least what was all about. Julie Carr and Michael Price have left some negative reviews on Tripadvisor, Facebook, and Google.  We have answered the Google review letting people know we would build a website revealing the true version of the story, not the hateful one of Julie Carr, and she deleted her review on Google. This is not only abusive but very primitive behavior. We will start with the itinerary and the ones in red are what they got for free. The ones in black explain what we agreed before, what we have done and what did they pretend from us.



Vehicle: 2017 E Class Avantgarde Mercedes Benz 















Real Itinerary.



Day 1.

Pick up Tirana International Airport.

Drive to Berat, Unesco heritage site.

Free three-course welcoming dinner with alcoholic drinks at a very traditional restaurant - our agency paid 100 EUR

Guided walking tour of the Castle

Guided tour of the Onufri Museum, entrance fees included

Guided walking tour of the Kala neighborhood

Guided walking tour of the Mangalemi neighborhood

Guided walking tour of the Gorica neighborhood

Guided walking tour the Stone Bridge

Check in the 4 * traditional Hotel

Free time


Day 2.

Guided visit of the Ethnographic Museum Berat, entrance fees included

Drive to Gjirokaster, Unesco

Visit the Cold Water Spring Tepelene

Recommendation to the local traditional restaurant 

Guided Visit to the Gjirokaster Castle, Unesco, entrance fees included

Guided visit to the Museum, entrance fees included

Guided visit to the Zekate traditional house, fees included

Guided walking tour of the Old Town

Guided walking tour of the Bazaar pass

Recommended the local traditional restaurant

Check in the 4 * traditional Hotel, superior queen room with the Castle view

This day they spoke with some other people and they said they have come from the coastal road which was beautiful. Julie said they wanted to do that. Our guide said it was not part of the agreement and that he could not go off the itinerary but Julie responded in a very arrogant behavior they wanted to go there. Our guide called us if he could take them there and our answer was NO. Despite that Julie said, "we are on a private tour so you have to do that". The fact is this was not part of the agreement and they didn't Pay for it. Their behavior became very harsh and rude so our guide decided on his own to do that the next day and instead of driving only 3.5 hours from Gjirokaster to Tirana, he drove 10+ hours via Sarande-Llogara Pass to Tirane.


Day 3.

Drive to the Blue Eye National Park - 

Guided walking tour of the Blue Eye National Park - worth 120 EUR

Drive to Lekuresi Castle in Sarande

Guided walking Tour of the Lekuresi Castle - worth 70 EUR 

Drive to Himare - worth 150 EUR

Stop in Himare

Drive to Llogara National Park - worth 250 EUR

Lunch on Llogara pass - 

Total - 590 EUR

Drive to Tirane

Check-in 4* queen Hotel in Tirana

Day 4

Guided walking tour of the Skanderbeg Square

Guided walking tour of the Tirana ruins

Guided walking tour of the Boulevard

Guided walking tour of the Checkpoint

Guided walking tour of the Ethem Beu mosque and the clock tower

Drive to Kruje

Guided walking tour of the Castle

Guided visit of the Skanderbeg Museum

Guided walking tour of the Old Bazaar

recommendation of the local traditional restaurant

Check-in 4* hotel with castle view


Day 5

Early drive to Koman Lake 

Koman Lake boat tour, fees included

Drive to Valbona National Park

Upgraded for free from a guesthouse to a large 3* hotel room - worth 90 EUR

Hiking to Kukaj -  worth 90 EUR

Total - 180 EUR


Day 6

Hiking to Valbona river

Hiking to the waterfall

Upgraded for free from a guesthouse to a large 3* hotel room - worth 90 EUR


Day 7

Drive to Kosovo

Free guided visit of the city of Prizren (Bonus)

Drive to Lake Shkoder

Lunch at shores of the Lake Shkoder, Shiroke

Check-in 5* hotel in Shkoder

Upgraded for free from a 4* hotel to a 5* Hotel (Julie complained about this hotel)

worth 60 EUR

Day 8

Guided walking tour of the Rozafa Castle, fees included

Drive to Montenegro

Drive to Virpazar, Montenegro

Boat tour of the Skadar lake, fees included

Check-in a 3* guesthouse, as per agreement


Day 9

Drive to Cetinje

Visit the Monastery of Cetinje. The guy at the gate said you have to be Baptized to enter the church. Julie complained saying "we thought we had the same god, but apparently not"

Drive to Kotor, the road closed for 69 minutes which made us arrive late. 

A scenic drive of Kotor Bay with stops in Risan, Perast. Took the Lepetane-Kamenari ferry, tickets included.

Drive to Kotor through a very narrow road at the Kotor Bay

Check-in 4* Hotel inside the Old Town


Day 10

Guided walking of the Old Town tour with a local guide

Free time


Day 11

Drive to Ostrog Monastery through a very difficult and dangerous road

Visit of the Ostrog Monastery 

Drive to Zabljak, Montenegro on a very dangerous mountainous road

Check-in a 4* Hotel Upgraded for free from a guesthouse - worth 80 EUR


Day 12

Drive to the Black Lake

Guided Hiking Tour of the Black Lake 2.5 hours, entrance fees included

Drive to the Tara bridge

Guided Walking Tour of the tara bridge, 2 hours

Very heavy rains during the afternoon

We have informed our guide not to take the normal route to Sarajevo next day because rocks have fallen from the mountains and people were injured in addition to the road being blocked by the authorities

Check-in a 4* Hotel Upgraded for free from a guesthouse - worth 80 EUR


Day 13

Very long and stressful drive to Sarajevo. after 7 hours of driving, they arrived in Sarajevo safe despite the fact they saw so many rocks fallen in the road.

Check-in 4* hotel business package in Sarajevo


Day 14

Guided walking tour with a local guide of the old city of Sarajevo 

Visit included

Sebilj Fountain
City Hall
Latin Bridge
Assassination spot ( First World War starting location)
Hotel Europe
Cathedral Church of the Nativity of the Theotokos
Ferhadija Street
Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral
Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures Sign
Jewish Synagogue Old Temple
Gazi Husrev Bey Mosque

Morica Caravan Sarai

Drive to Sarajevo tunnel (not included in our initial offer)
visit the tunnel. They just wanted it and our guide just didn't want to argue anymore to those individuals - 
worth 120 EUR

Drive to Mostar

On arrival in Mostar because of heavy rain, the local guide postponed the guided tour to 19:00 PM. Julie and Michael got crazy asking our guide to visit the town in the heavy rain. Our guide refused and asked them to stay calm and wait for the rain to stop. The guided walking tour took place at 19:00 PM.

Guided walking tour of Mostar including

Lenjin walking street,

Spanish square,

Tito’s bridge,

Musala square,

Fejica street,

Old bridge 

Free time/dinner by the Mostar bridge

Check-in 4* traditional hotel in the old part of the town


Day 15


Drive to Dubrovnik and drop off at the Ploce gate. At first, Julie and Michael didn't know which part of the town their hotel was. Our guide advised the cars cannot enter the old part of Dubrovnik and he suggested they call the hotel. 

Our guide dropped them off near the hotel, waited for the hotel staff to come and pick them up and drove to Tirana. This day was 13 hours of work for our guide.



Our guide rated Julie and Michael as very annoying, disrespectful and angry individuals. After some email exchange with the travel agent in Sydney, they sent us a request asking 2,500 EUR back. They didn't provide any evidence to support it and misled and lied to us in a very dirty manner. We have used technology like GPS Tracking device, Vehicle Camera, and Body camera to determine if their request was legit. We discovered nothing was true which lead us to refuse their request. After this, they acted like wild uncivilized people and wrote negative reviews against us. This is unacceptable to our standards so we decided to build this page to reveal the truth about their reviews and behavior.

Calling our guide a bogan, someone who has guided more than 350 groups and conducted more than 120 private tours is just insane. As a matter of fact, it is all the way around, Mike.


Total - 1,200 EUR worth of free upgrades, tours, and activities.

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