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About Us

Apollon Tours is a large company owned by two main shareholders and its own staff. It started the operation as a family touring company since 1997 based in Tirana, Albania. Since the beginning, we have produced the best possible tours of the country taking in all the best sights and attractions while still creating a great atmosphere among the traveling group. 

Since then we have grown and served our international clientele to travel and joined us from North America, mainly the USA, Europe, and as far away as Australia, China, Japan, and South Korea. 


We are locals, we know the region inside out and we have traveled a lot in all these years to make sure we are up to date with all the infrastructure and best accommodation options. We know all the best places to visit, all the best little spots to stop and enjoy the view, we know all the best restaurants and coffee shops to deliver you the best we know.

Our focus is to give you the best we know, and you will get the best because we know all the best. During our years of operation, we have built a fantastic rapport with our tourist operators, accommodation, and cruise providers. Those relationships enabled us to ensure that you have a memorable experience with Apollon Tours for all the right reasons! 

At Apollon Tours, we are proud of our reputation for putting our clients first in every area of our operations. We feel that this attitude is one of the most important contributors to our success. 


We successfully work with travel partners from all over the world as we share the same goals on offering top quality services to them guaranteed from our passion and professionalism.

We work closely with our local partners to make each tour a unique travel experience giving top service and value to the money.


We build long terms business relationships based on trust and mutual benefits. We need to work with all travel agencies who share the same values of safe and quality traveling.


Please explore our Tours and we welcome any proposal and requests for any further information about our tours and prices.


Don’t hesitate to contact and please send us the request form.


We look forward to hearing from you.



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