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Our Travel Specialists are ready to craft the perfect vacation for you and your family!

Customized Tours to inspire your adventure

Interested in designing your own itinerary? You have so many possibilities when it comes to custom travel planning—whether you want to include excursions into an existing tour or dream up an entirely new itinerary,

Apollon Tours will make it possible 



Are you ready for the ultimate vacation to the Balkans?  Working with Apollon Tours means taking the headache out of planning it yourself, saving countless hours of research.  

Complete our quote request form and receive: 

  • Prompt & personal responses from our dedicated team of destination specialists.

  • Multiple options for your upcoming vacation.  After all, this is your trip.

  • Types of vehicles available based on your style and level of comfort. 

  • The best value based on your needs.  It's not always just about the lowest price.

  • Customized proposal complete with accommodations, transportation, attractions and more! 

The perks of a Private Customized Tour

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Travel your way

It only takes 2 travelers to qualify for a Private Tour and your group can be as large as you’d like. You can choose the dates that work best for your group members and even request a specific Tour Director.

Enjoy a more personalized trip

Whether it's a family reunion trip or a college alumni program, on these exclusive trips, you know that you'll be sharing this special experience with people you care about.

Have an exclusive, intimate experience

Once your group is on tour, an expert local Tour Director will take care of all the details—which means your only responsibility is to sit back and enjoy your adventure.

Explore with a local guide

Have you thought exploring the region with a local guide who lives here and knows the region better than any BIG OTA, that knows how to build everything around you, care about you, travel with you

for maximum enjoyment at a great price.


Booking a Custom made Tour with

Apollon Tours®



Customizing a Tour requires a lot of knowledge of the region, experience, and expertise, but most importantly a full understanding of your needs. In order to help us understand what you need simply let us know. Giving us as much info as possible about your expectations (form below) and travel needs will enable our experts to prepare for an email or phone consultation that will further explore your interests.


Following your conversation with us, we will give full consulting for free. After that, we will send you an offer which you will need to accept in order to allow us to continue working on your package. Please note that we will disclose all the details of the trip only if you have accepted our offer so that we work and put your details together. Once you accept the offer we can start designing the logistics for your itinerary. We will take care of every component of your customized luxury travel package upon landing, including the guide, private chauffeur-driven transfers from the airport to your accommodations, visiting sites, nature sightseeing parks, etc.

After we have agreed on everything, we will ask for a 30% non-refundable deposit payment and approximately 60 days before your journey we will expect your full payment. If your tour is starting in 60 days or less you will be required to pay the full amount.


A week or two after the deposit payment is made, we will send you our complete tour package and relative pre-paid vouchers that include your itinerary and our suggestions for activities and dining options for the duration of your stay.

How to work with prices?

The price depends on many factors such as the number of people traveling, length of the trip, season, the class of guide/service/vehicle, accommodation class and the number of countries you want to visit.

Just for a reference, the minimum price traveling in midseason for a week in a 3* hotel for four people would be no less than 200$/day per person meanwhile if you need a multi-country - 10 days tour in 4* hotel for four people, the price starts at 300$/day per person.

   Please use our quick form below   

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Customized Tour Request Form
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  Trip Consulting  


Planning a trip is very complex and needs a lot of experience and expertise. We will build your dream trip so that you can enjoy all of it. Deciding about what places to visit, transport, Hotels, restaurant and meals, local guides and museums requires a lot of work and information.

If this is so complex and stressing you out, we can help and do everything for you.

Some consultants of foreign agencies have been to Europe, well, we live in Europe, we live and know the Balkans inside out and have built and conducted more than 2,000 (Group - Private - Customized) tours since 1997.

If your desire is to custom build a tour but have lots of questions and/or a complex trip to plan, or if you don't really know how and where to start than NO PROBLEM AT ALL.


We offer free personalized, in-depth trip consultation with our experienced consultants who will listen to you and ask questions that will help him put together great itineraries tailored to your interests, budgets, and time.

We'll answer your travel questions, and build an itinerary that none else would do better. We specialize in the areas shown on our destinations page.

The consultation can be arranged at any time via email and is free of charge after you have sent us the above form. One of our consultants will contact you via email and answer all your questions. 

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