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Albania Tours


The Apollon Tours Best of Albania is the shortest tour and the best possibility to balance in a short time the access to a variety of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, old towns, beautiful beaches dramatic mountains and the famous Albanian Coastal....Read more

From $ 1,310 + Air


Dubrovnik from the mountain

The Ancient Adriatic Tour is the only possibility to visit 4 countries in just 7 days. This is the best opportunity to explore the most important historical sites of Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, and Greece, including all the Unesco sites as well as....Read more

From $ 1,910 + Air



Grand Albania tour is the longest tour we offer for Albania and it is for people who are interested to discover the culture, the history and the hospitality of Albania more in-depth, have the possibility to interact with local people and enjoy the .....Read more      From $ 1,740 + Air


Budva MN

The Apollon Tours Three Bays tour includes visiting three bays: Kotor Bay, Vlora Bay, and Saranda Bay. Drive the scenic road from the Ionian coast of Albania to the Adriatic coast of Montenegro which are two of the most beautiful coastlines of the....Read more

From $ 1,870 + Air


meteora greece
This tour includes visiting the most iconic ancient places in Albania, Macedonia as well the Meteora Monasteries in Northern Greece. This is the best opportunity to explore six UNESCO World Heritage sites of a region also known as EPIRUS....Read more
From $1,870 + Air



This Tour starts and ends in Tirana, and is for people who are interested to discover the culture, the history and the hospitality of five Countries which are well known for their hospitality and it is about visiting five countries in a trip that seems is...Read more  From $2,580 + Air



The Apollon Tours Southern Balkans is for people who are interested in visiting historic places and beautiful National Parks of five countries. It is made for people who come from Corfu, Greece and will include visiting all Unesco sites as well as.....Read more      From $ 2,580 + Air



The "Mediterranean Wonders" tour includes visiting the most beautiful places of the Balkans has in a 4 countries itinerary, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Albania. This Tour starts in Tirana and ends in Zadar, Croatia. During this trip.....Read more

From $3,470 + Air



The "Balkan Jewish Heritage" tour  is about the Jewish history in the Balkans. This eye-opening Tour is about five countries including Albania, the only country in the world where not a single Jew was killed by Germans during WW2 but also .....Read more

From $3,670 + Air


Checking Text on a Document

Are you ready for the ultimate vacation to the Balkans?  Working with Apollon Tours means taking the headache out of planning it yourself, saving countless hours of research. Complete our quote request form and receive the best.....Read more


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