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Our Mission

OUR MISSION Is to improve the world and to convince others of their power to do the same. We accomplish this by offering life-changing learning adventures and introducing our participants to concepts and people we think are amazing examples of how we can all be the change we want to see in the world. Our participants then do their own ‘world-improving’ from there!

To be a little bit more specific, our Mission is to:

- Offer Historical educational tours that inspire people to be responsible donors, travelers, and global citizens, and awaken them to their power to enact the changes they want to see in the world and for a better understanding on how to contributing to the world in which we live.

- Inform, and equip People from around the World to have Balkan trips that are fun, affordable, and culturally broadening.

- Financially support the community development work of our partners, whilst remaining financially sustainable as a tour operator.

- Serve as a model tour company, in the countries in which we operate and in the field of educational tourism and help improve the industry by sharing the lessons we learn along the way. Our best value is our own travel style and our business practices consistent with these values. We build our Tours ourselves by very experienced Tour Managers. We do not rely on any other agency in building Itineraries, visiting sites and we distribute the income to many local service providers by sharing our resources and success with everyone.

- Design our tours with input from local communities and commit to putting their needs and creating experiences to meet tourists’ demands first.

- Focus our support on capacity building, offering participants the chance to learn about and from the communities they visit.

-Provide travelers with a more immersive and authentic engagement with the countries’ local culture than typically offered by other tour companies.

-Create a vibrant virtual community that aids travelers in contributing to ongoing projects.

-Provide support for local and responsible tourism initiatives through our choices of local resources, with a focus on minimizing our environmental impact.

Tourism dollars support the development of local livelihoods as well as benefit and protect local environments and cultures. Travelers and locals behave respectfully towards each other and are able to exchange information and services that mutually benefit both parties

All travelers and tour operators are educated about how to make responsible choices in travel and where they give their money. Our Tours are designed around the Travelers needs, local needs, and local communities who feel responsible over tourism in their home areas.

Both travelers and global communities recognize their own ability to be a part of enacting the changes they want to see in the world

What We Do

What We Do

We organize and lead energetic tours in Europe throughout all Balkans

  • We organize Private Escorted Tours as well as Group Escorted Tours 

  • We offer travel consulting and trip planning services

  • We provide you the possibility to build a Tour just for you

  • We offer Customized Tours for Families and Groups

  • We offer services like Car and Driver and Transfers

  • We travel, eat, and have fun...all the times

What we don't do

  • We don't book and/or sell flights, hotels, or rental cars

  • We don't buy services from other companies, we depend on our own long experience


How to contact us

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